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Where it all started

The concept behind AM Brew originated with a fad to drink decaf compounded by another of wanting to drink alcohol free beer.  Now you will see that it is all about drinking the good stuff without getting the negative side kicks from it.  Plus you can drink both in the AM.

A development project with phase 1 complete on erf 4823 John Otto Nankudhu str. in the new industrial area of Swakopmund coupled with a slow property market presented the opportunity to make it official with a premises to introduce tourists visiting our lovely holiday town to coffee roasting and the hands on experience behind it.  While no one is visiting, we will roast on internet order so shopping online is an option.  So anyone within the bounds of Namibia can have the freshest coffee beans delivered to their door and ready for the greatest home made Espresso / Americano / Coffee / Cuppacino.

The business has since expanded and operating since the beginning of September 2018 is our mobile outlet - AM Brew Espresso Cart (AMBEC) in Windhoek near the Ausspannplatz cirle.

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