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What the Chief Coffee Drinker Experienced Today:

Gratitude opens your heart and mind to a spirit of giving and sharing.

So instead of just talking coffee - today had the opportunity to visit a Rotary International Project known as the Mondesa Youth Opportunities aka MYO here in the Mondesa township of Swakopmund,

Suppose in lay man terms it can be called an afternoon school for gifted underprivileged kids.

The system by which the students are selected works as follows: The top 10 learners from the grade 4 to grade 8 pupils at the local public schools are nominated and considered to be invited to enroll, a maximum of 24 kids in each grade are invited which brings the total students attending the MYO program up to 120 at the moment.

When the bell rings to signal the end of the public school day, the students are picked up by the MYO bus and transported to the MYO premises. The premises consist of numerous well adapted and maintained container structures that provide classrooms, kitchen, ablution facilities and offices as needed.

Once at the premises, a nutritional lunch is served to ensure the kids have no reasons not to give their fullest attention to the teaching that 5 permanent qualified teachers and a number of young foreign volunteer teachers will teach them during the remainder of the afternoon.

I saw grade 5 students perform reading and typing tests, grade 4's that were busy with entry level algebra

and most entertaining and awe inspiring was the higher grade children performing their marimba and drum band or various flute players performing popular songs from sheet music. Will upload video soon.

The positive statistics to motivate grants and funding for such a program is well documented, the financial controls are in place. Not that this Chief Coffee Drinker knows a lot about money, realized that the program is operated like a well oiled business with good practice operational processes and approval procedures in place like recording the number of photocopies that each teacher makes for the classroom.

Needless to say that none of this would have been possible without well doers from all over the globe such as the Rotary International, Langer Heinrich Mine, Rossing Uranium and others that provide sponsorship for the program with annual global grant money and funds.

Best to say and do is include the links to the MYO and Rotary International websites for further details below.

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