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To Each His Own

Some people like bold flavours others prefer balance and refinement! So it remains a case of “To Each His Own”

the visit from the MAN-CAVE outfit was no exception - one party bold & bearded with the other party refined & balanced. They were however a great couple to meet and it was a privilege to guide them towards designing a Herculean & Legendary blend of coffees.

On the techincal side of things - i missed the boat again...

as i switched on the IKAWA roasters it was time to update the firmware so that took my iPhone out of action for the whole set up and consequently the arrangement to record steps and reactions as was intended never materialized.

In the end it makes this call out to everyone reading this to visit THE MAN-CAVE and try out the coffee they stock, soon they will have the Herculean and Legendary blends on the shelves available at Shop 15, Stadt Mitte in Swakopmund. (Opening on the 1st of February)

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