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Time vs. temperature curve

The time vs. temperature curve is a graphic display of the #RoastProfile so to speak. Been playing around with it as the IKAWA roaster lends itself very friendly towards manipulating the profile and finding out what the effect may be. Also gathering information on the web regards to roast profile and flavour development etc. and ran into a commentary written by Brandon Damitz who summarized the coffee beans and flavor notes in February 2015. You can read the whole summary at this link: https://www.quora.com/Where-do-coffee-beans-get-their-flavor-notes

Two of the comments struck me as witty and very true.

1. "Coffee is just very complex, arguably the most complex food humans ingest (roughly 1500 chemical compounds in your cup)."

After listing the 9 necessary steps and influences behind coffee i.e. the land, the cultivation, the varietal, the harvesting, the processing, the drying, the storage, the roasting and the brewing (which in itself is a topic with numerous influences) and ends with the very apt second comment

2. " This is the struggle, the beauty, the thing about coffee: you can f*#$ it all up at any single step from seed to cup."

He finally defines the perfect cup as " The “perfect” cup is the experience of an extremely rare consonance of innumerable factors coming together over great distances of space & time."

I would translate the perfect cup definition In Afrikaans as "Lekker, man lekker!"

All and all for myself learned the next interesting bits during the weekends worth of roasting: 1) Decaf have very little chaff in comparison, 2) Decaf burn very easily and so the advice to stick to light roasts for decaf is essential, 3) the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and the World Coffee Research (WCR) association created a Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel that can assist with trying to describe any coffee good or bad in detail, 4) the coffee bean transforms through 3 stages in a roast profile 0-3 min drying 3-7 min sugars turn to caramel up to the first crack the final stage is where the flavor develops and decaf beans burn.

The IKAWA roast profile library allows for another forum to share on coffee.

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