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The importance of grind

Finally bought a decent grinder. I don't think the definition of a fine espresso grind makes any sense until you feel the fluffy powdery grind that a decent grinder can achieve. The first espresso shot pulled from this fluffy powdery grind however did not really impress me. Then i read on the Black Velvet Coffee website on where and how to proceed with faultfinding in the event that an espresso shot is just not what you want it to be or what what you think it should be, you can get the full Monty on https://www.blackvelvetcoffee.com.au/?utm_source=beeketing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=beeketing-943949&c_r_id=932065345634

For the moment i am in awe. Every day get more humbled by the coffee mystery and the wealth of coffee culture, flavor profiles, colors, fragrances etc that have an influence on what is in the cup. At the end of each session i need to pinch myself as a reminder that it all about the experience of what is in the cup!

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What is your favorite A.M. Brew?

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