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Safety comes first!

Try all i want, i could not succeed in connecting the roaster to the #gas without having a #leak somewhere in the system, pretty easy to find the leak but all the normal attempts to eliminate it flopped. (For safety sake it remains absolutely essential that the system be tested leak free prior to switching on the gas!)

Consequently the commissioning of the #sonofresco could not be completed. Regulation calls for a number of the actions such as installing the gas safety gauge to be undertaken by a #competent adult. Further more you are allowed by have up to a 9kg gas cylinder in the house! In view of all of these i figured it should be ok to run with a temporary installation until such time as the shop is up and running and the roaster with vent pipes etc can be permanently installed.

Contacted the gas installation experts #Mathew&Sons today to come and take care of the leak.

Gas safety gauge also suitable for leak #testing

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