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Roast your own coffee!

You are most welcome to buy some green beans from the online store or Amazon or AliExpress etc. and roast it for yourself. See to me it is such a pleasure to roast and enjoy the freshest possible coffee that i am confident all you lovely people will enjoy same experience.

So many of you have popcorn machines that could possibly be used for roasting some coffee, but this is where i almost gave some very dangerous advice to someone today, see it remains a piece of equipment designed for popping popcorn and a roasting coffee bean does not go through the exact same transformation as popcorn. One of the primary differences would be the formation of an undesirable side product i.e. chaff. One characteristic of chaff is that it is highly flammable and the hot air and conditions within a popcorn machine may just be such that it ignite the collected chaff. Obviously a danger that needs to be borne in mind when roasting coffee. Same warning applies when there is a power supply interruption while the beans are at their hottest in a drum or other roasting device. For that particular reason a roaster / popcorn machine may never be left unattended.

as is the case with many a venture, please do your homework when attempting anything new for the first time and then obviously the key search on Google would be "how to safely roast your own coffee beans" The following link to the HOME GROUNDS page presents some straight forward guidance on roasting your own coffee with different methods - SAFELY!


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