• stephbrayshaw

Nitro-Brew with loads of bubbles

Considering that whipped cream is easiest served in the kitchen by way of a nitrogen charged canister, i decided to try this with cold brew. Turns out it dispenses a nice thick foam. The front tip of the foam dispenser however is different to that of Guinness draft and so i am not sure if that is the only reason why the bubbles evaporates soon as the drink is left to rest for a couple of minutes. However the only way to get such nice thick foam head is to shake the canister properly! So the struggle to infuse the cold brew with nitrogen may be over since the only missing step between the success with the foam dispenser and the draft system is the shaking affair. But picking up a #keg and shaking it vigorously is not always easy!

In the end no bubbles last very long do they!

There is no substitute for freshness!

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