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everything is connected, everything but the power and by the time i started scrounging around for an extension cord all the important people had gone to sleep. That would mean that i can commission and test / taste for myself but there would be no-one to share it with. Kind of sad, so i postponed till a more merrier time. An occasion such as that needs to be shared, and if i like it, i would like to load it in the back of bakkie (see the spelling of pick-up in Namlish is obviously unknown to the spell checker) and go share it with some more friends!

The particular profile roast i have been trying for the last number of times is a real keeper.

All in all adds up to 10 minutes including the cooling cycle. Brazilian Swiss water decaf a nice golden brown at the end. The flavour (ok so even the English spelling of certain words is unknown to the spell checker) is well balanced and i keep on wanting another cup.

Yeah so cold coffee i.e. #NitroBrew - well i still wonder what it will taste like?

Monday - always a bad hair day!

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