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International shopping

Updated: Jun 23, 2018

In most instances international shopping will be equated to #online shopping. Buying big or expensive items online can be interesting. Recently bought a roaster from the USA. Including for door to door air freight all the way across the ocean. payment was made on 17/05, the roaster arrived on 20/06 go figure! So chuffed with the new arrival, i quickly scan through the items in the box and don't see the memory stick. Email back and forth with the seller, only to end up with egg on face - i really did not see it the first time around. #sonofresco with ADR software on #USB memory stick aka #thumb drive. Now need to get it connected following all safety rules on the gas installation etc. but i will report back once the first batch has been cupped!

sonofresco ADR software

Then went next level and bought bigger #Dongyi roaster from China quoted transport time 2 months via sea. ETD - mid August 2018.

Final roaster #IKAWA purchase made in the UK at top dollar - i mean Pound! This one is however small and classified as a sample roaster only. ETD - mid July 2018

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