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Have your beautiful coffee while you travel!

These days a lot of hype surrounds the large volume of capsule waste created by Nespresso coffee drinkers. Yes, we all have a fond idea behind the George Clooney smile with his Nespresso, but we also feel the guilt if we take out bags and bags of spent capsules at the end of the day. So how can you have your cake and eat it? Do you want a beautiful coffee everywhere without the environmental guilt even if you go camping?

Take it from a coffee addict that loves to be green and loves for coffee to be hassle free...

Have you ever considered the options you have? Below is my list, perhaps you know some more options to list, please comment if you do.

1)take your favorite coffee ground, a coffee dripper (collapsible or plastic) with filter papers where you go. This type of travel coffee system holds many advantages

- you brew multiple cups of your desired strength coffee in one go,

- you get consistent results if you maintain the ratio of coffee ground to filter water.

#AdHoc , #coffee , #travelwithcoffee
coarse ground coffee in #AdHoc pour over fashion

2)take your favorite coffee ground, load as many re-fillable capsules as you will need on your trip (more than 3 types available on Amazon, each come with his own little tricks. the Capsulín below gave me the best experience thus far), pack them into an airtight container and make sure to select a hotel, lodge, guesthouse or B&B that have capsule machines in the rooms and enjoy an almost Nespresso coffee to your desire. Advantages to this scenario is that you only load into the machine and push a button, if the capsule was skillfully refilled with care you get what you wanted at the push of a button and in the end you simply wash your used capsules and take them back home to refill.

#coffee , #coffeecapsules , #refillablecapsules
Capsulín refillables to suit Nespresso machines

3)Take your favorite ground coffee, make the grind more coarse and take along a French press made to travel. Zyliss single serve French press in a travel mug as below.

#Zyliss , #coffee , #travelcoffee
Do it with a Zyliss French press.

4)in the event you go camping and you absolutely demand real espresso go for the Kamira or the Aeropress.

#Kamira , #coffee , #espresso , #travelcoffee
Kamira gas / coal fired espresso maker

5)However there must be an easier alternative that will give the coffee lover a beautiful cup of coffee without the fuss. Tea drinkers have it easy when it comes to travel situations? To date one of the most elegant single serve filtered coffee options is the in-cup filter with hanging ears. This is a really travel friendly solution that also gives you the freedom to get your beautiful coffee recipe just right! For travel purposes we can supply you with some African Delight / International Smile blend grounds along with the exact number of in-cup filters you figure you may need for the trip.

#coffee , #travelcoffee
The final step is to enjoy that beautiful coffee!

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