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From the UK - the Landrover

The #Sonofresco made me think that the smooth humming sound of a happy machine belonged to a Rolls-Royce. So the #IKAWA pro V2 sample roaster made me think that the it was a Landrover, i cannot help getting the feeling that it is going to stop working any minute - the machine certainly doesn't sound like a purring cat.

But when considering the bells and whistles, everything is there! the roasting profile and the feeling of control over what is happening to the #coffee beans certainly don't disappoint.

On opening the box, i was confronted with kettle plug only suited for the UK and had to go get an adapter from the nearest #SPAR late in the afternoon before commissioning the #IKAWA. At best the result is a 40 to 50g sample and the percentage of beans that get discarded along with the chaff is perhaps a tad too much. The shared profiles available on the forum is super convenient.

IKAWA Pro sample roaster chaff percentage

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