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Finally i can talk to you....

Through the day so many thoughts come knocking, begging me to use you as a sounding board. I think we all have the desire to have someone to talk to over a good cup of #coffee. For now i want to talk about setting up a new business, about all the exciting #roastprofiles, bean varieties and brewing styles.

The business structure will allow for mobile outlets i.e. Espresso Carts. Much like MTC's mobile homes, the idea would be that each cart should be operated by a part owner. The kit earmarked for the carts needs to be tried and tested, really don't want to struggle in public with a long queue of thirsty coffee lovers. So as soon as the construction of the cart starts will have to source some suggestions and possible start to search for coffee making machines and some fresh reviews.

Not the biggest piece of kit, but you get 4 healthy cups of espresso.  You can make it with ground or with beans.
GOTECH - automatic coffee machine

The regular retail therapy stint on #AliExpress is not always a healthy practice for the bank balance. But since it grinds the beans and thereafter produce a drip brew, i reasoned it will produce a consistent result with fresh grind add fresh roasted beans and it may well be hard to get a better cup of coffee.

The mini hybrid espresso/percolator has only Chinese figures but logic prevailed and i succeeded in getting it to grind and brew.

The product chamber is equipped with a drip free valve to allow removal of the glass pot supposedly without dripping - however it is such a fidgety little rubber that you need to keep an eye on it constantly. This i did not know initially and so the first attempt to use the machine was a disaster of note. Used it for a second time but had to keep on pushing the glass pot upwards to ensure that everything doesn't flood again. For the 3rd attempt i deactivated the drip-free valve and the machine worked beautifully without constant supervision. It may well turn me into a lazy coffee brewer.

My 1st love in so far as brewing equipment is concerned is the #AdHoc MrBrew stainless steel mesh tower, but it is the longer road to the product but cleaning is a breeze. The GOTECH is the opposite, short road to the product but cleaning is a bit of a hassle.

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