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Developing the products and sweating the assets.

So the nitrogen baseline is at hand, the dispense system with the stout tap is at hand, the basic information on cold brew has been gathered and disseminated but the decision on exactly how to make it is what is holding me back.

Perhaps some more critical information is what is the main obstacle. I really like the taste of warm brewed coffee, so the taste nuances and "less acidity" in cold brew does not hold real attraction to my senses. Apart from that, the couple of times that i did taste cold brew vs. traditionally brewed iced coffee, the iced coffee trumped the cold brew so i remain hesitant to starting the process of filling a 9 liter keg with cold brew. I keep on second guessing myself and struggle to convince myself that I cannot chill warm brew and still end up with a nitro coffee with more character? Going to take the Nike option - "Just do it!"

Well it is done. though not quite 9L only 6, but i figured it will definitely provide valuable insights into the process of brewing and dispensing the nitro brew. Will have a taste tomorrow and provide some comments.

Once the system has been sorted, the equipment will become available to lease out. up until now it has been a challenge to get the nitrogen supply sorted, buying the dispensing equipment is fast and quite pricey. Could be done cheaper via diy, but then my concern was if it will deliver the same result without the built in cooler etc.

Other assets that are making the books look bad are - second hand 225 liter wine barrels x 10 earmarked for creative decoration in the shop in #Swakopmund.

Definitely my AM drink of choice

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