• stephbrayshaw

Dancing Beans

Watching the beans dance in the Sonofresco roasting chamber, brought a warm fuzzy feeling to my insides. I almost felt as if i was driving a Rolls-Royce!

Sure enough the ADR has not been commissioned and i only made use of the level 4 roast profile for the Colombian CO2 decaf beans. The beans are indeed a very nice brown and uniform colour when the cycle terminates.

Now the beans need to rest - however i have had some of the other light roasted beans direct from the roaster and so i needed to experience what the difference is. A smooth cup with little acidity and very little bitterness, hopefully it will develop some more character after 24-48 hours rest. Follow the link to learn more about the Sonofresco roaster https://sonofresco.com/product/profile-coffee-roaster/



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