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Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Well it is a struggle to get the fizz into #NitrobBrew and to date i have essentially introduced friends to coffee on tap. It is an easy drink for warm weather, not sure how well it will go down in cooler times. Namibia is a sunshine country for the most times and bigger parts, However, Swakopmund is also known as the air conditioned office of the country since it is often cool and misty. Which is why I break away to Uis frequently. This is the place to get out into nature and relax with the calm presence of the Brandberg mountain ever present.

This weekend took the nitro-brew equipment along to Uis and served some free "coffee on tap" at the Brandberg Rest Camp (BRC). It was a good experience getting some very positive firsthand product reviews. What else is happening in Uis? The BRC hosted the Enduro 2018 over the weekend again, last weekend it was a Fly-In and before that the Rough and Tough rally. So Uis really is a buzzing small town with lots of sunshine and friendly places to see. #Uis; #BRC; #Coffee; #Namibia Follow the link if you would like to know more about the #BRC http://www.brandbergrestcamp.com/

Serene calm around the mountain.
Brandberg mountain - near Uis

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